About Condorcet

Pollaborate is developed and maintained by Condorcet, a Seattle-based startup building better ways to make decisions in groups. Our mission is to make fairer, more optimal voting systems accessible and easy to apply to everyday decisions. Condorcet is made up of its two co-founders: Matthew Chartier and Olga Zinoveva.

Our Team
Olga Zinoveva
Olga is a software developer and former video game Producer. As a Producer at 343 Industries, Olga worked with contributors across the creative, technical, and business departments to ship Halo 5: Guardians and subsequent updates to the game. In recognition of her contributions to the studio and Microsoft, Olga was selected as one of Forbes' 30 under 30 in the Game industry at the recommendation of 343's studio head.
Matthew Chartier
Matthew is a full-stack developer with more than five years of experience working as a software engineer at Microsoft and Amazon. In his time in the tech industry, he has worked on low-level Windows system components, customer-facing web experiences for Bing, and cloud-based services supporting Alexa Messaging and Calling. A long-time advocate for fair voting systems, Matthew is excited to be delivering a product which makes it easy for groups to make optimal decisions.