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Make any decision easier
Where to eat
Choose a restaurant that even the pickiest eaters in your group can agree on.
When to meet
Need to meet up? Find the times that work best for everyone in your group.
What to work on
Gather feedback from your teammates to figure out what project to focus on next.
How it works
Name your poll, list the options, and tell us a bit about how you’d like to decide.
Share a link with others in your group to collect their votes.
Get Results
Tell us when you’re done and we’ll generate your decision.
How we make decisions better
Easy Decisions
Coordinating a decision with others is hard. Making decisions with Pollaborate is as easy as listing the options and sharing with your group; we’ll help you choose the best way to decide and collect everybody’s votes.
Frictionless Decisions
Sometimes people only care a little about the decision and feel discouraged from speaking up. Other times people care a lot, creating conflict. Pollaborate keeps things friendly by taking the social burden out of deciding.
Optimal Decisions
Even knowing everyone's preferences, it can be hard to know how to decide for your group. Pollaborate identifies the optimal voting system for your scenario, helping you make the best decision.